Seize the day by flashing your amazing smile and relying on your glowing self confidence. Wear blue to attract fun things.

Make a list of everything you want then start working toward your goals. You'll be ahead of the pack in no time!

Sparkle comes in many forms, so look for it everywhere, in the sky in the earth, in the smile of your friends and your own reflection.

New friends bring new experiences so stay well rested and keep your A game handy. Fresh scents keep you motivated.

Bright colors will keep you the center of attention and ahead of the style curve. Animals and pets warm your heart.

Snuggle up with a good book or surf the internet for new ideas then hit the street with a bounce in your step, this year will be fantastic!

Splurge on food and parties. Friendships will be at an all time high so be prepared to host a gathering.

Scorpio's creative flourishes this year, but don't forget to socialize and get outside to smell the new flowers.

Remind yourself that you deserve to sparkle. Reach for joy by making a list of your strengths then go out into the world and have fun!

Keep reminding yourself what it is you WANT and you'll be basking in success before the year is over. Wear pink.

Accepting social invitations, sparkle is waiting for you there. Your charisma and loving personality is well sought after, keep smiling.

Embrace your inner power by patting yourself on the back then share the joy by helping others see their inner sparkle too.

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